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A crisis can happen anytime....

...are you prepared?


AFFI can help ensure that you are.

When a crisis occurs, the way a company responds and communicates both internally and externally can be the difference between the event being a door-closing disaster or an opportunity to reveal the company’s true mettle.

In partnership with Sound Counsel Crisis Communications LLC, AFFI has established a program to help member companies identify the areas where they are at risk and develop a customized crisis communications plan. This program, which includes special rates for Sound Counsel’s services, is a benefit offered exclusively to AFFI member companies.

Specializing in crisis readiness and crisis management, Sound Counsel's expertise and experience dealing with the frozen food industry enables them to realistically assess AFFI member companies’ vulnerabilities. Sound Counsel will work with your management team to conduct an in-depth risk assessment and develop a customized crisis communication plan that stresses openness, accountability and accuracy. Finally, media training sessions are available to help key personnel understand the “do’s and don’ts” of engaging the media during a crisis. With Sound Counsel’s guidance, your company can have an established plan of action ready in the event of an emergency. No wasted time sitting around wondering what to do. Your crisis communications plan will help you make the necessary decisions and have you prepared to offer prompt and honest responses.

Meet the principals of Sound Counsel Crisis Communications LLC:

J. Vander Stoep
J. has more than 25 years experience helping public figures and organizations prepare, avoid and manage communications crises – including high profile cases appearing in national media. He is a lawyer with a long career in government affairs, having served as a state representative and chief of staff to a U.S. Senator.  J. has worked with dozens of public agencies, public figures and businesses as a communications consultant and strategist. His clients have included Microsoft, the Russell Company and Trident Seafoods.


Bruce Cordingly
Bruce has more than 15 years experience working with Fortune 500s, universities and government agencies on their internal and external communications, including work with the Federal Reserve Bank, MasterCard, Columbia University and Bloomingdales. While managing internal and external communications for ITOCHU International, a $4 billion diversified trading company headquartered in New York, he helped the company develop its post-9/11 policies and response plans.


Sound Counsel will help you find the peace of mind that comes with knowing you are prepared in the event of a crisis.

If you are interested in learning more about AFFI's Crisis Communications Preparedness Program, please return the interest form and you will be contacted by a member of the AFFI staff.



Crisis Communications Preparedness

·         Conduct risk assessment and write a comprehensive crisis communications plan for your company under supervision from your assigned executive - $5,000*

Plan includes:

·         Potentially damaging scenarios and checklists for effective responses

·         Crisis readiness and communications best practices

·         Chain of command recommendations

·         Crisis Communications Team recommendations


·         Annual audit of crisis communications plan - $1,500


Media Training (optional)

·         Conduct media training sessions for 1-2 employees selected by your company - $3,850


·         Media training for each additional group of 3-5 employees - $5,000


*Price assumes that vendor is performing a standard scope of work for AFFI members.  Larger projects may be negotiated between our vendor Sound Counsel and your company.  AFFI members may negotiate directly with Sound Counsel for extra services.  These extra services may include scenario drills, assistance during an actual communications crisis or other communications services.




 Click here for Crisis Communications Preparedness Program Interest Form.



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